With Tiffany Calcutt, MBA, RDN, LD


Athletes have specific nutrition needs. Do you know what yours are? We offer personalized nutrition assessments to hone in on your precise needs and offer guidance on improving food and beverage choices to power your endeavors.

In addition, we perform body composition assessments to help you with improved health and performance. Why measure body composition? There are several key reasons, the most critical of which is to provide proof of change beyond the scale. Scale weight cannot distinguish between muscle and fat.

BodyMetrix Ultrasound, used by numerous professional sports teams, provides:

  • Accurate measurements of body fat and lean mass
  • Scanned images that verify changes in muscle and fat tissue thickness over time
  • Personalized health report and calculated calorie burn

Special Package

Two scans each including: 30- minute consultation, results interpretation, copy of health report and printed scans. Cost $120, a 20% savings over normal price of $150.

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