Tiffany Calcutt, MBA, RDN, LD

¡HOLA! I’m Tiffany

Thanks for being here. I’m a bilingual, non-diet registered dietitian and a certified intuitive eating counselor. More importantly, I’m on a mission to help people enjoy a positive relationship with food and body. I practice from a weight-neutral, HAES (Health at Every Size®) approach, which is informed by the ten principles of intuitive eating.

Growing up in the era of Snackwells and waif cover models, I appreciate the challenges we face amidst diet culture. We have a lot of learning (and “unlearning”) to do. I’m grateful to bring my life experiences as a former division 1 soccer player and mother of three girls to my work.  I love what I do and consider it a privilege to work alongside each unique client on their journey to whole-body health.

I opened my private practice, Harvest Nutrition & Wellness, in Peterborough, NH in 2016. Thanks to telemedicine, I now work virtually with individuals from several states, in addition to my in-person local clientele.

Age of youngest client

Languages I speak: English, Spanish & German

Minutes to prep average dinner

Minutes of shared family time eating dinner

Favorite Family Meal – Turkey Tacos
Can’t Live Without – dark chocolate
Always In Her Purse – a spoon
Favorite Vegetables – red pepper, rhubarb, kale
Favorite Fruits – pomegranate, cherries, lemon…oh too many to list